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Shire Villages

Shire Villages

Greater Hume Shire is made up of some unique and picturesque villages.  Some of the villages have colourful histories involving bushrangers, gold, extraordinary feats of skill and daring and natural beauty among them.  Visitors are welcome to explore the region and meet some of the local characters who make up this ‘simply greater’ part of Australia.

Brocklesby is a small village characterised by an active rural community with the main activities being sheep, cattle and grain growing.

Brocklesby's main claim to fame occurred in 1940 when two twin-engined Avro Anson training planes collided in mid air over the town. Three of the crew members parachuted to safety and the fourth successfully landed the two entangled planes, one on top of another, in a paddock. This extraordinary feat made headlines in newspapers worldwide.  A display of the event can be seen at Blacksmiths Park in the centre of the village.

Burrumbuttock is another small hamlet within the Shire and is home to the award winning Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre.

Residents enjoy a relaxed rural lifestyle, affordable housing and a progressive country community within easy commuting distance to the regional cities of Albury and Wodonga. The name “Burrumbuttock” is believed to have Aboriginal origins and the word “Burrum” usually refers to water. Locally however, the meaning is thought to be Aboriginal for “bullock’s backbone”.

Gerogery is situated on the Main Southern Railway line.  The station building, goods shed and station master's house were constructed in the early 1880's and are listed by the National Trust. These buildings form a link in the early development of the district and development of the Melbourne to Sydney railway.

Gerogery West is a ‘stand alone’ residential community to the south of Gerogery on the western side of the Old Olympic Way.  

Both Gerogery and Gerogery West offer large residential blocks of land, generally averaging around 8ha and are in high demand because of the rural lifestyle choice they offer the close proximity to Albury and Wodonga for work and recreation opportunities.  

Morven is a tiny hamlet which sits beside the Billabong Creek providing a vegetated wildlife corridor and pleasant outlook from the historic Morven Hotel.

Morven was one of the oldest licensed Cobb & Co coach stations in NSW and was a stopping place for the changing and resting of the horses before crossing the Billabong Creek on the journey between Wagga Wagga and Albury. The remains of the old stables can still be seen next to the Hotel.  

Walbundrie was once known as the ‘crossroads’ of the Riverina and was a thriving gold rush town of several thousand people. Formally known as ‘Piney Range’, because of extensive stands of Cyprus Pines in the district, the village is now a rural service centre for the surrounding farmlands offering supplies, community, social, and sporting activities.

Woomargama's local community members have undertaken a ‘re-birding’ project to  revegetate parts of the creek and common for nature conservation.

The Woomargama National Park is located close to the town and is the largest protected area west of the Great Dividing Range in south-eastern NSW.  The park contains the largest remnants of box woodlands on the South-West Slopes and is a haven for a large number of threatened and endangered flora and fauna such as the Regent Honeyeater, Swift Parrot, Powerful Owl, Brown Toad and Carpet Python. It's also home to the very rare Acacia Phasmoides Wattle. The park is open to visitors and offers walking trails and lookouts.

The Woomargama National Park Volunteer Working Group works with Ranger Dave Pearce to implement some of the strategies outlined in the “Woomargama National Park and Reserve Management Plan”. Some of these activities include surveying and monitoring threatened species, control of introduced plants; bush restoration & planting, educational walk and talks on wildflower and bird identification. If you are interested in becoming a Woomargama National Park Volunteer, please contact Sandy O’Flanagan 02 6020 5265 or Judy Kirk 02 6029 3226.
Read a copy of Naturescapes, the official e-newsletter for the NSW National Parks and wildlife service here

Bowna, Carabost, Cookardinia, Lankeys Creek, Mullengandra, Talmalmo, and Wymah offer small communities with their own unique characteristics and history and are supported by active rural communities.

Village Population Location
Brocklesby  150 45 kms north-west of Albury Wodonga
Burrumbuttock 170 32 kms north-west of Albury Wodonga
Gerogery 80 20 minutes north of Albury Wodonga
Gerogery West 120 5 km to the south of Gerogery on the Old Olympic Way
Morven 50 8 km to the east of Culcairn
Walbundrie 50 33 kms to the west of Culcairn along the Culcairn-Walbundrie Road
Woomargama 150
14 kms south of Holbrook on the Hume Highway.

Source: 2006 Census

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